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About American Tube and Pipe

American Tube and Pipe is independently owned and operated by professionals with extensive experience manufacturing quality tube and pipe products since 1974.  Our state of the art mill in Phoenix, AZ manufactures a full line of fence framework and mechanical tubing.  A customer-focused production plan and off line cutting capabilities enable us to respond quickly to our customer needs, providing excellent service and quality products.  We understand that corrosion protection on the inside is equally as important as corrosion protection on the outside.   
We manufacture all of our tube and pipe in the United States and are in compliance with applicable federal, state, and local specifications.  We can satisfy the strictest Buy America and Buy American standards.

Our Products


American Tube and Pipe manufactures a full range of fence framework for high-security, industrial, commercial, and residential applications. We start using only the highest quality steel sheet that is coated at the mill, ensuring the highest level of zinc adhesion and uniformity. With online swaging and custom order lengths available, our production capabilities are guaranteed to meet your needs.

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American Tube and Pipe uses the latest technology to produce galvanized mechanical tubing in accordance with our customers’ highest specifications. Our testing and inspection procedures ensure high quality physical properties, weld integrity, coating quality, dimensional specifications, as well as length, twist, and straightness tolerances. It is easy to fabricate, powder coat and weld, and we offer custom lengths to fit your specific needs.

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